Happy Reviewers and Customers

Get more positive online reviews.

Spikefly makes it easy to acquire, monitor and amplify customer reviews on the sites you care about. Our automated system lets you earn new customer reviews without lifting a finger. 

Fuel your marketing engine with more online reviews.

 Acquiring new customers has never been easier. Our automated system sends your satisfied customers to review sites to share their feedback online. Receive real-time alerts whenever customers review your business so you can respond immediately. Improve your business reputation and earn more customers with ease.
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Improve your SEO
Stand out in local search and directories.

Getting noticed can be hard. Spikefly allows you to quickly get more online reviews from over 150 review sites. More reviews equals better rankings in search engines and directories. 

Rank better on sites that matter to your customers

In addition to popular review sites like Google and Facebook, we also have 150+ integrations with industry-specific review sites. With Spikefly, you’ll improve your exposure on the review sites that have the most impact on your bottom line.

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customer reviews by spikefly

Improve your reputation and customer experience

When you offer a better customer experience, you see an increase in revenue. It’s that simple. With Spikefly, you can stay on top of customer satisfaction and improve your online reputation.


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