Review Builder
for Business Owners

In a simple and unobtrusive manner, we ask your customers to provide feedback about their experience with your company. We encourage and remind happy customers to review you on the websites you care about and send you notifications along the way. With Spikefly, it’s easy to stay on top of your reputation.

Acquire more online reviews

Most business owners understand the importance of online reviews, but many don’t have a system in place to consistently ask customers for reviews. The Spikefly Review system is a review builder and reputation management software built with the business owner in mind. Our system asks your customers for feedback about their experience, encouraging happy customers to review you online. See how it works below.

Request Feedback

To begin, simply upload your customer information into your Spikefly dashboard. Your clients will be contacted via email or text for feedback on their experience at your business. The customer will be prompted to rate their experience on a scale of 0-10.  The message will be customized with your logo and colors, with customizable text to ensure a seamless experience with your brand. 

Acquire Testimonials

After rating your business on a scale of 0-10, customers will then have the opportunity to provide written feedback about their experience. Business owners use feedback from customers as a tool to continuously improve their services and products. 

Encourage Online Reviews

Customers who rated their experience as positive will be presented with the opportunity to review you online. Links to your profiles as well as an option to copy their feedback will be displayed to make it easy for clients to review you online. 

Connect with Unhappy Customers

Clients who rated their experience as less than positive will be asked for direct feedback on their experience. This information will be sent directly to the business owner so that the issue may be resolved and the client relationship maintained. Providing customers with a meaningful way to voice their dissatisfaction helps to prevent those customers from leaving negative reviews online. Spikefly helps them feel heard and provides business owners with the opportunity to improve their offerings.

Monitor Online Reviews

Your Spikefly dashboard includes detailed reporting about your customer’s actions including whether or not they opened their email, provided feedback or clicked through to your review profiles. We’ll continuously monitor your online review profiles and notify you whenever a new review has been published. 

Improve SEO & Website Conversion

Local search engine optimization is influenced by many factors and is constantly changing based on ranking algorithms from search engines. Positive online reviews are known to be important for ranking well on search engines like Google and Bing. Spikefly helps business owners to automate their process to acquire new online reviews while simultaneously monitoring their online reputation. Our system also includes a Review Stream, which is a widget added to your website displaying your positive online reviews from the internet as well as feedback acquired through Spikefly. Overall, Spikefly improves the SEO and conversion for business websites while following Google’s Review Guidelines. 

Stream Reviews to Your Website

Positive reviews from sites like Yelp and Google will be automatically displayed onto your website, providing social proof for your web visitors. Displaying positive online reviews with direct links to the reviews increases the trust and credibility of your business to potential customers. 

Structured Review Data

Spikefly adds structured review data to your website. Why is this important? When a Google search is performed for a local business, some listings have review information right below their website link! This happens when a website has structured review data. This data tells Google that their company has a certain number of reviews, resulting in an overall star rating. Having this information displayed in search results increases the credibility of those businesses and increases their click through rate. 

Review Pop-Up

Spikefly includes a review pop-up, showcasing reviews from across the internet right on your website for users to see. This increases your website conversion as visitors trust your company more knowing that other customers wrote positive reviews. 

Rank better in online directories
"Barnacle SEO"

A simple google search for a local service will display a variety of large directory websites on the first page of results. Competing with websites like Yelp for top placement in search results is out of reach for most companies. The secret is to rank well within those top ranking directories, so that your business benefits from those websites ranking on the 1st page of Google. This practice of improving your listings on sites that rank well is called Barnacle SEO. Acquiring more online reviews helps with Barnacle SEO efforts to rank your business on important websites like Yelp, Facebook, Google, Hearing Tracker, Healthgrades and many others.

Barnacle SEO in Action - Part 1

Barnacle SEO are efforts taken to improve the ranking of a website within a directory. For example, if you do a Google search for “Vegetarian Food Los Angeles”, the first page of results are all lists and guides from directories and tourism/food websites. A large percentage of clicks are going to these websites on the first page of results. It is very difficult to rank well for this phrase, especially in a competitive market like Los Angeles! Scroll down to see what visitors see once they click on the Yelp result for Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Los Angeles. 

Barnacle SEO in Action - Part 2

Once a visitor searches on Google for “Vegetarian Food Los Angeles”, many will click on the Yelp result displayed on the first page of results. Once they click on that page, they are brought to Yelp’s directory displaying the top restaurants in Los Angeles. The first couple of results on that Yelp list are going to do great, receiving a ton of clicks and visibility that they would otherwise never attain if not present on Yelp. This is a powerful way for small companies to find there way in front of a lot of people searching online. In order to rank well on review websites like Yelp, you must have a lot of positive reviews. The Spikefly review software helps you to acquire more online reviews on important directories like Yelp.



$ 65 Monthly
  • Email Customers for Feedback
  • Direct Survey (on site)
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Testimonials Widget + Pop-Up


$ 85 Monthly
  • Email Customers for Feedback
  • Send Feedback Requests via Text
  • Direct Survey (on site)
  • Testimonials Widget + Pop-Up
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Google Q&A Monitoring and Management