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SEO Content Strategy

At Spikefly, we specialize in SEO content strategy; analyzing ranking opportunities for our clients using real-time search data, competitor analysis and advanced search engine optimization. Our team of content strategists develop 1st page worthy content, targeting keywords and phrases with the right balance of search volume and keyword difficulty.

Bridging the gap between SEO & Content

The majority of business owners don’t get around to writing content for their website on a consistent basis. A well-developed content strategy can have a powerful affect on a company’s online rankings. It allows your website to rank for phrases people are searching for related to your industry and services.

Outrank your competition with data-driven content marketing

Gone are the days of quick SEO tricks and black hat techniques. If you’re committed to earning a coveted spot on the 1st page of Google in 2019, your content must actually BE the best result for searches performed by your target audience. The algorithms responsible for choosing which content to rank are constantly improving, allowing search engines to sift through the sea of online content and curate the most deserving web pages.

Our team of SEO content strategists have one focus; to improve our client’s organic search traffic by implementing a data-driven content marketing strategy.

We’ll analyze the keywords your competitors are currently ranking well for, as well as keyword opportunities that are flying under the radar. We then get to work taking advantage of those opportunities, inserting SEO into the creative process to produce rankable, shareable content optimized for search engines.

Data Driven SEO Content Marketing

Just like you’d expect a financial adviser to use data when making recommendations, content strategists should do the same when recommending an SEO focused content strategy for your brand.

We provide effective SEO content strategy using keyword research tools that crunch real-time search data and natural language processing to produce stunning results.

The importance of using real-time search data

According to Google, 15% of all searches happening on their search engine have never been asked before. Staying up to date with what your target audience is Googling allows you to be methodical about your editorial calendar. Detailed audience research is an effective strategy to secure new website visitors through organic search results.

Your company deserves better than ‘SEO Lite’

Run of the mill SEO content marketers typically perform what’s called SEO lite. This involves selecting a topic that probably gets search volume and proceed to write the best article they can using the target keyword 5-6 times. They then passes the article to their SEO specialist who adds optimization basics like meta data, image alt tags and internal linking before publishing and sharing it on social media. They then cross their fingers and hope it ranks! Unfortunately their well-intentions and hope don’t often pan out into real rankings because the process was void of data-influenced decision making.

Effective SEO content marketing

SEO Content Marketing can dramatically improve your bottom line by getting your offerings in front of people searching for the specific services or products you sell. When implemented correctly, SEO content marketing can improve your site’s rankings for a wide range of search queries related to your service/product/industry, thus increasing the organic search traffic (free traffic!) to your website.

What exactly is your target audience searching for online and how frequently?

If you want to be the best answer to what most people are searching for, you need to know EXACTLY what’s being searched for and how often. Doing the proper research allows your site to gain organic search traffic from content marketing efforts. Skilled keyword research is a fundamental component to ensure content development is productive.


Is your content relevant?

“Our goal is simple: to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible.”


Modern SEO is all about relevance.

Earning the top spots in search engine results pages (SERPs) is all about relevance. Does your article satisfy the query completely, surpassing their expectations with relevant information?

Relevant content is the star of modern search engine optimization and technical SEO efforts are the supporting actors Consequently, 90% of your focus should be on making great content, with 10% on the technical optimization efforts.

How can you go above and beyond to improve on the competitor’s answer?

If you want to rank higher than our competitor’s, your site has to earn it. You can earn higher rankings by providing a higher quality piece of content for that topic. It’s a good idea to research the content on the websites who currently rank on the 1st page for your target keywords so that you can replicate (in your own original way) what they are doing well, and improve upon areas where they are lacking.


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