How to set up Facebook Locations

How to set up Facebook Locations for your business

For those with multiple locations, it’s important to utilize the Locations option offered by Facebook. Setting this up designates one page as your brand page, while placing all of your locations as subpages underneath the main profile. Locations are displayed to Facebook users in the “Locations” tab located on the left side of your company FB page.

There are many benefits to setting up Facebook locations:

To begin, it’s helpful for your search engine optimization as you are clearly communicating that you have a brand, and these are your locations with specific address/phone/website information.

Secondly, having FB locations allows you to maintain your company page(s) with ease. You can simply post to your main brand page, and Facebook will automatically post to all of your location pages as well. Furthermore, you are less likely to miss notifications when consumers message or review your business since you only have one place to log in.

Finally, organizing your business properly on Facebook gives your practice a professional appearance to those who come across your business online. With FB Locations, users will more easily see that you have multiple locations. Seeing that you have multiple locations conveys to consumers that your company is successful and stable.

How to set up Facebook Locations

1) Create a Facebook Business Manager Account by clicking here.

2) Now click Business Settings then click on Pages, located on the left side of your dashboard.

3) Click +Add to add your company page to your account. Now click “Add a Page”. A pop-up will appear where you can type in the name of your business and Facebook will auto-populate options. Select your business from the drop down list and then click Add Page. Continue to add any other Facebook company pages you already have for your locations.

fb locations - business settings (1)

4) Navigate to the Business Locations page by clicking here. Click on the drop down located at the top left of your screen and select one of your company Facebook pages. Now press the “Get Started” button.

fb business locations - get started

You’ll get a message saying the page has an existing address, which must be removed. This is fine. Check the box which says “Remove address and make [your company name] my main page.”

Another message will display which says, “Would you like to create a location Page for [company address]?” Select yes, and click Next.

6) Click Add Location

You have 3 options when adding a location:

  1. Manually add each location: This allows you to create a new company page, inputting the location details manually.
  2. Upload a spreadsheet: Recommended for those with 10+ locations. You can upload a spreadsheet with all of your practice information and a page will be created for each location. You must follow a specific spreadsheet template which is available for download under the blue Upload File button.
  3. Migrate an existing FB page: This is for people who already have individual FB pages set up for 1 or more of their locations. You can choose to migrate an existing FB page, making it a location underneath your main page. Migrating a page will not lose any of the pages likes, recommendations or posts.
business locations facebook options

A few tips when adding FB Locations

Facebook will require that all of your locations have EXACTLY the same name. No exceptions. To distinguish between locations, you have the option to designate a “Location Descriptor” which will display in parenthesis next to the page name.

Once you’ve added your locations, you have to manually add the website for each page. To do so, click on each page from the Locations tab and scroll down halfway to see the business details on the right. Click “Add Website”.


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