How to boost posts on Facebook

Why is it necessary to boost Facebook posts on business pages?

At the beginning of 2018, Facebook updated their algorithm so that users saw more content from personal connections. Consequently, companies saw a dramatic drop in organic reach for their posts, which is how many of their followers see their posts. At this point, only about 2% of the people who “like” your page will see anything you post.

This doesn’t mean you should give up on Facebook, as it remains a powerful way to connect with potential clients in your area.

Facebook allows companies to pay to promote their content to their target audience. For practice owners, you can choose to “boost” your post for a specific dollar amount, targeting people of a certain age living in a specific area of the country.This results in higher engagement with your post, including likes, shares and clicks.

How to boost your company Facebook posts: Step by Step

1) Login to your Facebook account and navigate to your company page.

2) Now create the post that you’d like to boost or scroll down to a previous post. Make sure to include a quality image and a thoughful message. Once your post is ready, click the grey button that says, “Boost Post” located next to the blue “Publish” button.

*Tip: Make sure to not include any verbiage including phrases that call out users for a hearing loss, like “Do you have a hearing loss?”. Facebook considers this targeting people with a disability and will not allow your post to be boosted.

boosting facebook posts -create post (1)

3) After you click “Boost Post”, a pop-up screen will display giving you options for your ad.


To begin defining your ad targeting, click “Create custom audience”. Here you’ll name the audience, select the age group you’d like to show your ad to, as well as the city where the ads should show. Click Save.

how to set up facebook boost posts

Duration and Budget

Here you’ll define how much money you’d like to spend total, and how many days you’d like the ads to run.


Here you’ll choose your payment preference. You’ll have the option to add your company credit card to use for billing.

Now you are ready to submit your post. Once approved by Facebook, the post will start showing to your target audience – resulting in higher engagement for your company Facebook page.


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